200-155 DCICT Exam

200-155 DCICT Exam Contents for CCNA Data Center Version 6.0 


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In the past post regarding this matter, we talked about the progressions from the "old" DCICT exam to the "new" 200-155. In this blog entry, I lay out the correct exam subjects you have to ace so as to pass this exam.

The 200-155 Exam Topics 

Here are the exam subjects. Take note of that the rate appeared for each significant subject area shows the quantity of questions in your exam that will originate from that segment! I additionally opposed the enticement to do a cluster of organizing for this blog entry on Testking braindumps this rundown of subjects. This is with the goal that you can without much of a stretch duplicate and glue this rundown into your preferred following programming as you study.

1.0 Unified Computing – 25%

  • 1.1 Describe common server types and connectivity found in a data center
  • 1.2 Describe the physical components of the Cisco UCS
  • 1.3 Describe the concepts and benefits of Cisco UCS hardware abstraction
  • 1.4 Perform basic Cisco UCS configuration
  • 1.4.a Cluster high availability
  • 1.4.b Port roles
  • 1.4.c Hardware discovery
  • 1.5 Describe server virtualization concepts and benefits
  • 1.5.a Hypervisors
  • 1.5.b Virtual switches
  • 1.5.c Shared storage
  • 1.5.d Virtual Machine components
  • 1.5.e Virtual Machine Manager

2.0 Network Virtualization – 17%

  • 2.1 Describe the components and operations of Cisco virtual switches
  • 2.2 Describe the concepts of overlays
  • 2.2.a OTV
  • 2.2.b NVGRE
  • 2.2.c VXLAN
  • 2.3 Describe the benefits and perform simple troubleshooting of VDC STP
  • 2.4 Compare and contrast the default and management VRFs
  • 2.5 Differentiate between the data, control, and management planes

3.0 Cisco Data Center Networking Technologies – 26%

  • 3.1 Describe, configure, and verify FEX connectivity
  • 3.2 Describe, configure, and verify basic vPC features
  • 3.3 Describe, configure, and verify FabricPath
  • 3.4 Describe, configure, and verify unified switch ports
  • 3.5 Describe the features and benefits of Unified Fabric
  • 3.6 Describe and explain the use of role-based access control within the data center infrastructure

4.0Automation and Orchestration – 15%

  • 4.1 Explain the purpose and value of using APIs
  • 4.2 Describe the basic concepts of cloud computing
  • 4.3 Describe the basic functions of a Cisco UCS Director
  • 4.3.a Management
  • 4.3.b Orchestration
  • 4.3.c Multitenancy
  • 4.3.d Chargeback
  • 4.3.e Service offerings
  • 4.3.f Catalogs
  • 4.4 Interpret and troubleshoot a Cisco UCS Director workflow

5.0 Application Centric Infrastructure – 17%

  • 5.1 Describe the architecture of an ACI environment
  • 5.1.a Basic policy resolution
  • 5.1.b APIC controller
  • 5.1.c Spine leaf
  • 5.1.d APIs
  • 5.2 Describe the fabric discovery process
  • 5.3 Describe the policy-driven, multitier application deployment model and its benefits
  • 5.4 Describe the ACI logical model
  • 5.4.a Tenants
  • 5.4.b Context
  • 5.4.c Bridge domains
  • 5.4.d EPG
  • 5.4.e Contracts


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  4. The new 2017 version (July/2017 Updated) 200-155 dumps now are available, here are part of 200-155 exam questions (FYI) [Get the VCE dumps and PDF dumps download link at the end of this post]:

    Which requirement is unique to service profile templates?

    A. VLAN
    B. VSAN
    C. pooled identities
    D. vNIC
    E. vHBA

    Answer: C

    Which ports on the Cisco UCS 6120XP Fabric Interconnects can operate at either 1Gb/s or 10Gb/s?

    A. Ports 1-4
    B. None
    C. Ports 1-6
    D. Ports 1-8
    E. Ports 17-20

    Answer: D

    What are the three basic states of an Ethernet interface on a Cisco Unified Computing System Fabric Interconnect? (Choose three.)

    A. unconfigured
    B. enabled
    C. disabled
    D. uplink
    E. server
    F. errdisabled

    Answer: ADE

    Which two modes of setup are offered on the initial setup script on a Cisco UCS Fabric Interconnect? (Choose two.)

    A. Restore
    B. Setup
    C. Console
    D. Serial
    E. Management 0

    Answer: AB

    Which three are the names of configuration tabs that appear in the Navigation Pane of the UCS Manager GUI? (Choose three.)

    A. VLAN
    B. LAN
    C. VSAN
    D. Policies
    E. Equipment
    F. Global
    G. Admin

    Answer: BEG

    Which statements are valid for a local SPAN configuration? (Choose two.)

    A. Source and destination interface must be on the same host
    B. Source and destination interfaces can be on different hosts
    C. Destination vEthernet interface can be on a different VLAN than the source
    D. Destination interface can be a physical port
    E. Destination interface cannot be a physical port

    Answer: AD

    Which three are components of the Cisco Unified Computing System 2104 I/O Module? (Choose three.)

    A. multiplexer
    B. chassis management console
    C. chassis management switch
    D. finite state machine
    E. chassis management controller

    Answer: ACE

    Alan is an IT administrator for an organization. He needs to verify if all the port channels on Nexus 1000V Switch are enabled for LACP. Which command can be used to verify the same?

    A. show port-channel traffic
    B. show port-profile
    C. show port-channel summary
    D. show port-channel usage

    Answer: C


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